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About Us

Welcome! We are the Global Development Alliance at Yale, a network and community of more than fifty undergraduate and graduate student organizations on campus that engage with social enterprise and international development in some way.

We hope this website can serve as a central space for you to learn about events and other opportunities in development. We try to update this site and our calendar daily with information from each of our 50+ student groups, so bookmark us and check back frequently! In addition to the site, the Global Development Alliance is also:

  • publishing a new campus magazine, Global Development Magazine, in conjunction with Reach Out.
  • hosting leadership trainings to help campus leaders apply the skills they’ve developed on campus to futures in international development.
  • hosting dinners with select Yale World Fellows to provide an informal and informative setting for students to meet these informed and experienced leaders.
  • available for summer and career advice for those interested in these fields.
  • connecting individuals and groups with a shared interest in development through coffee-houses, movie-screenings, and other community events.

We also send out a weekly email with the events and new announcements listed on our website. To get added to the panlist and receive just one email from us each week, please contact us! Additionally, if you would like to publicize an event or get involved, feel free to contact us at any time.

Julia Buzan, Paloma Pineda, David Kastelman and Rahma Ahmed | | |

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