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Help Anne (SY ´13) bike from A´dam to Istanbul and support Microtechnology

May 2, 2011
This summer: One bike, 4000km, 8 weeks to get from Amsterdam to Istanbul and one awardwinning charity to support….
Don’t read more, just watch my 3min, home-made, funny video:***** *****

Got your attention? Click here for details on the facebook event or read:.

Hi! I’m Anne van Bruggen a sophomore in Saybrook College from the Netherlands studying Poli Sci & Philosophy. From June 19th to August 20th I am biking 4000km in 8 weeks with 19 others through Riding to Break the Cycle. This project is designed toenable participants to become stronger leaders by challenging their limits, while supporting groundbreaking solutions to global poverty. Like all partipants, I need to raise at least $2000 which will go to the microtechnology institute in Africa (=microfinance + education). It would be great if you help me do this! Only 1 or 4 $ is already SO helpful. Donating is very easy! Just go to: Contact me for any questions! Thank you very much!

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