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Reject Bashir’s “Victory” in Darfur

April 23, 2010

Despite international demands for free and fair elections, indicted war criminal Omar al-Bashir is preparing to claim victory in what you and I both know was a rigged vote.

If Bashir’s “victory” is recognized by the international community, it will only embolden the regime in Khartoum and deal a serious blow to the peace process.

You raised your voice with 70,000 other activists, and Assistant Secretary of State P.J. Crowley has already declared that “this was not a free and fair election,” adding that, “to the extent that the Government of Sudan was looking for redemption or legitimacy in what happened here, they will get none of it.”

Rejecting the results of this fraudulent vote is an important first step, but now it’s time to hold the responsible parties accountable.

We must continue to raise our voices for all of those who did not have a chance to speak out during this fraudulent election. For the university student who was harassed and murdered after speaking out against the government. For the election observers who were kidnapped and beaten. For the thousands of Darfuris who continue to live in squalid camps and didn’t have the opportunity to participate. For them, we must continue to insist that the international community pressure the government in Khartoum to fulfill its obligation under the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) to provide for a democratic transformation of the country.

These elections should have been the first chance in more than two decades for millions of Sudanese to freely choose their leaders. Instead, the Sudanese government ensured that a lack of political freedoms and a continued crisis in Darfur eliminated that opportunity.

If the government of Sudan continues to inhibit basic political rights and freedoms, the stage will be set for widespread violence during the referendum on southern succession. If civil war is to be avoided, both the governments of North and South Sudan must recommit themselves to protecting personal liberty and freedom in order for the referendum to be credible. These are not just lofty ideals – they are obligations that both parties agreed upon in the CPA. As a guarantor of the CPA, it is the responsibility of the United States to hold those who presided over fraudulent elections accountable and take all steps to further democracy in Sudan and protect the integrity of the 2011 referendum.

We must not remain silent. Send Secretary Clinton a message today and speak out for the people of Sudan. Thank you.


Martha Bixby, Save Darfur Coalition

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