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Congo Conflict Minerals Bill

April 18, 2010

Senator Lieberman’s Foreign Policy Advisor, Vance Serchuk, said that Sen. Lieberman will co-sponsor the Conflict Minerals bill.  Mr. Serchuk said that Sen. Lieberman was successfully pushed to take that action now because of the advocacy and lobbying of the anti-genocide movement.

If you are in favor of the Senate Conflict Minerals bill, especially if you are from Connecticut, please thank Sen. Lieberman and Vance Serchuk, to let them know that we are paying attention and to thank them for paying attention to constituents.

The bill is currently with the Banking Committee, chaired by Senator Christopher Dodd.  If you would like to encourage Sen. Dodd to push the bill out of committee, please call his office, and let him know.  1 800 GENOCIDE .  When asked for zip code, enter 06510.  You will be asked if you want to speak to your representative or senator….select #2.

Thank you very much!
Nell Okie, New Haven Alliance for the Congo

Audio of interview with John Bagwell of the Enough Project on conflict minerals in the DRC:

Conflict Minerals Act of 2009:

Check out the New Haven Alliance for the Congo Blog:

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