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Interested in Going to China this Summer?

April 1, 2010

Be an Ace the App College Counselor!

Looking for a summer job in China that will pay for all your traveling expenses and more? Apply to be a counselor for Ace the App! As a program participant, you will work for the Chengdu USDream Education Counseling Co., LTD as a part-time SAT trainer in Chengdu, China from August 2nd, 2010 to August 18th, 2010. Compensation will be $1,500/person. See below for details about the company, job responsibilities, and qualifications. Applicants should submit a resume and a cover letter to by Friday, April 16th, 2010.

About the Program:  Ace the App was founded in 2008 by Yale students and this is the third consecutive year for the program. In the past two summers, a total of 10 participants instructed over 40 Chinese high school students on college application skills, traveled extensively within Chengdu, and volunteered at an earthquake relief area in Sichuan. See for more details on the 2008 trip. Past Chinese students in the program have matriculated at target Ivy League schools.

Company: Chengdu USDream Education Counseling Co. LTD is a leading Chinese education consultancy co-founded by Ivy League students and professional consultants. It aims to assist outstanding Chinese youths to enter the top universities in the United States.

Responsibilities: Your work mainly involves advanced SAT training. You will develop a teaching syllabus and share with the students your testing methods and experience. Part of the classes will also involve college application workshops. The goal of this program is to improve students’ SAT test-taking skills and familiarize them with American college life, as well as the college application process. The program is also an opportunity to develop your presentation skills and to refine your teaching techniques. All classes will be taught entirely in English, so no knowledge of Chinese is required.

Qualifications:  Strong analytical, organizational, communication (both writing and verbal) skills.  Persuasive, articulate, energetic.  Ability to work well with others, good presentation skills.

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