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Potluck dinner for the Darfur Peace and Development Organization

January 19, 2010

SOM’s Women in Management Club is sponsoring the first-ever business school chapter of Dining for Women (, a giving circle dedicated to relieving the burden of extreme poverty for women and girls around the world.  Men and women are invited to join us for monthly potluck dinners (homemade or prepared food welcome) to discuss grassroots NGOs working to empower and educate women and girls in developing countries.  For less than the cost of dinner out, you can contribute to important causes and learn about some of the most pressing issues in the field of international development.  Participants are encouraged to donate $10-$20 per dinner in support of the featured organization of the month.

Please join DFW for this month’s potluck on this Monday, January 25 at 7pm at 6 Eld St, 1st floor, at the home of Odessa Schneider (partner of SOM student Kim Shekar).

January donations will benefit the Darfur Peace and Development Organization whose mission is to provide humanitarian relief to war-affected civilians in Darfur, facilitating just governance and the effectively rebuilding of Darfur.

To RSVP, email Lindsay Siegel, Yale SOM ’11 (

A note from DFW: “In November we contributed nearly $400 to the Haitian Health Foundation, whom I’m sure could use additional support due to last week’s catastrophic earthquake:

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