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ATTENTION GRAD STUDENTS: Interested in local governance + accountability in developing nations?

January 15, 2010

On Tuesday Jan 19, from 4-6pm, representatives from the World Bank will be hosting a workshop on campus to solicit input from interested and knowledgeable Yale faculty and students on a draft report on local governance and accountability in developing nations. The report constructs a detailed framework to assess decentralization and presents its findings on ten countries in Africa and South Asia. The report also highlights political and other contextual variables that play an important role in the design and implementation of local governance reforms.

Prof. Cynthia Farrar, organizing the event, is looking for a group of about twenty serious discussants. Participants are expected to read the report that will be discussed – email for a copy and to confirm your attendance.

The workshop will begin with a 20-minute presentation by officials from the
World Bank, followed by brief responses from Gus Ranis, Pierre Landry, and
Ph.D. student Sheree Bennett.  We will then open things up for a substantive
general discussion (not just Q and A).

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